Drinking and Drafting - 8-Man RTR

This was an 8-man draft played at Clint's house on December 12th, 2012. We played with three boosters (each) of the Return to Ravnica expansion.

Drafting: 00:09 Overview of Deck: 14:45 Round 1: 14:56 Round 2: 28:31 Round 3: 34:20

My Decklist:

Creatures 1x Carnival Hellstead 2x Sewer Shambler 1x Thrill-Kill Assassin 1x Splatter Thug 1x Rubbleback Rhino 1x Stonefare Crocodile 1x Cryptborn Horror 1x Hellhole Flailer 1x Spawn of Rix Maadi 1x Corpsejack Menace 1x Slitherhead 1x Bloodfray Giant 1x Grim Roustabout 1x Rakdos Shred-Freak

Artifacts 1x Rakdos Keyrune 1x Golgari Keyrune

Spells 1x Deviant Glee 1x Stab Wound 1x Launch Party 1x Rakdos Charm 1x Dreadbore 1x Auger Spree

Lands 1x Blood Crypt 3x Forest 6x Swamp 7x Mountain