Dragon’s Maze – Spoiler Season (Part 2)

Another day, another set of spoiled Dragon's Maze cards is upon us. Only a few I want to make note of today: Goblin Test Pilot


Spoiled by Mark Rosewater himself, this card is definitely an interesting limited pick. Given that Goblin Test Pilot has flying, he makes a decent one-time blocker, and you can always use his tap ability in response to blocks (if he's going to die anyways, might as well see if he can blow up one of the opponent's creatures). Unfortunately, it seems you'll need to load this guy up with enchantments if you aim to attack with him at all...








Council of the Absolute


This card is going to be FANTASTIC in the control mirrors. You name Sphinx's Revelation, and now your opponent can't play the card, and you get 2 more cards/life out of casting yours. This card will absolutely see play in constructed, but *probably* more in the sideboard (just a guess). Unfortunately, the ability isn't very good in limited (especially in game 1 of any round) as you don't really know what cards your opponent has in their deck.










This is definitely something standard needed more of - unconditional instant-speed removal. Unfortunately, the cost of this card is a bit prohibitive (Murder barely sees play as it stands), and the ability to target artifacts isn't *currently* relevant. Now, this could change, but would depend on how artifact-heavy the Theros block will be. Lastly, the fact that Putrefy states "It can't be regenerated." isn't irrelevant, but doesn't make this card highly playable in constructed. For limited, on the other hand, this card will be highly pickable.







Voice of Resurgence


This card definitely looks and feels like a mythic, and punishes your opponent for playing spells on your turn (*almost* reminds me of Grand Abolisher, though not quite as much of a hard-lock). I feel like this will see quite a bit of play in constructed, and will definitely be a first-pick in limited formats. My ONLY complaint would be the art - it's a little bit tough to look at, but we'll have to see if I feel the same after seeing it in person.








So, that's it for today, stay tuned for daily updates as the spoilers come out, and I'll be attempting my first video set review once all of Dragon's Maze is spoiled!