Dragon’s Maze – Spoiler Season (Part 4)

There are only a few spoilers today, so I figured I'd cover/recap them all. bloodbaronofvizkopa

Blood Baron of Vizkopa

This is definitely the card I'm most excited about from today's spoilers. Protection from colors is a bit rare these days, so seeing protection from white and black on this Baron is quite exciting (considering that black houses a large number of the direct removal in standard, currently, and white means he can't be flash-blocked by a Restoration Angel). His lifelink is definitely useful, and can definitely help you get to his second ability (which reminds me, it seems like he pairs well with Sorin Markov, EDH anyone?), which is almost a game-ender by itself. Although I'm not sure if this will see much standard play, I hope it does (because it's pretty interesting).







Warped Physique

This card is an interesting piece of conditional removal for limited, but it is (unfortunately) just that. This will likely never see standard play, given that it's a horrible top-deck if you have an empty hand on later turns. During the early turns (especially if you have a deck with card draw, which these two colors are known for), it's pretty solid. Also, like Auger Spree, it has the potential upside of buffing your own creatures. The flavor on this card is awesome, and I love the art.








Nivix Cyclops

Reddit already is cooking up ways to win quickly with this guy, and he's definitely interesting. Even if he was just a 1/4 Defender for 3, he would be considered playable, but his ability (and Izzet's focus on spells) can make him extremely powerful. Especially when paired with cards like Teleportal, this guy will just help you win games out of nowhere. I'll definitely play him in my limited decks - but there's not much chance he'll see standard play.







deadbridgechantDeadbridge Chant

Interestingly, Wizards of the Coast seems to have known that reanimator decks would become popular - cards like this are further enablers to that archetype. While a bit expensive, it does pair very well with Deathrite Shaman (allowing you to help filter out non-creature spells from the graveyard - things you don't want in your hand via this ability) and the existing self-mill cards: Mulch and Grisly Salvage. Only time will tell if this sees play in standard - it *may* be a bit to expensive, but the potential upside is pretty amazing. Is this our answer to Unburial Rites rotating out of standard this fall? Who knows.





Update: New card spoiled after the article was originally written:

ibq6cau42p_ENNotion Thief

This is a *very* interesting card, and seems to be another response to control mirrors, or good solutions for midrange decks facing down control. The powerful side of Sphinx's Revelation, for example, is the card draw. The life gain isn't irrelevant, but control decks like Esper and Bant do well in standard because of card advantage. This card also trumps minor card draw like Think Twice or cycling an Azorius Charm, and forces your opponent to deal with Notion Thief quickly. And while I would obviously like this Rogue to have a larger power/toughness, it's interesting to note that he trades up with Augur of Bolas. The notion I'm getting is that this card won't steal the stage in the current standard meta due to his cost, but it will see play. Unfortunately, it's quite a bit less useful in limited.