Dragon’s Maze – Spoiler Season (Part 5)

Just a few more spoilers today, and I won't be covering the 5 common Maze creatures (Sentinel, Glider, Behemoth, Rusher, and Abomination) - I just don't find them that interesting or particularly powerful. That said, here are the rest of the spoilers for today: warleadershelix

Warleader's Helix

I think many of us wanted Wizards of the Coast to reprint Lightning Helix - unfortunately, it seemed a bit too powerful for standard, so they printed Firemane Avenger instead. However, it seems that Warleader's Helix is the direct answer to a newer version of Lightning Helix, just less affordably costed. Will this see standard play? I think it *might* - but I feel that it it's one colorless mana away from being awesome (or one more damage - as then it would be an instant-speed answer to Obzedat, Ghost Council). That said, this will be an absolute awesome card to pick in limited, at the very least.





  emmaratandrisEmmara Tandris

7 mana for a 5/7? Off to a rough start. "Prevent all damage that would be dealt to creature tokens you control." Okay, that's both an amazingly powerful yet limited ability. This cards viability in standard completely hinges on the popular of token decks and the absence of token hate. Unfortunately, cards like Detention Sphere are amazing against token decks. On the other hand, this card does prevent all your Lingering Souls tokens from dying to Thundermaw Hellkite's ETB ability...








Uncovered Clues

If the art gives you any clues as to what this one does, it's related to drawing cards (Jace being pictured). What I haven't uncovered, though, is whether this card is useful enough to see any standard play. My initial intuition is that, while extremely useful, the card is a bit too slow/expensive for standard - but time will tell.








viashinofirstbladeViashino Firstblade

This card will be fun as hell to play in limited. He's essentially a Boros version of Yeva's Forcemage, but a bit better considering he buffs himself. But, just like the Forcemage, the benefit of haste and ETB effects wear off the turns after you drop him. He likely won't see constructed play, but I'll be more than happy to pick him for my draft and sealed decks.






  catchreleasewideCatch // Release

Catch is basically Act of Treason, but like Zealous Conscripts, has the added ability of being able to target planeswalkers, artifacts, etc (any permanent). Release is an interesting card, where both players sacrifice permanents of every major type - which means you'll typically play this when it affects your opponent more than you. Getting to 9 mana isn't an easy feat, but if managed, you get to steal something from your opponent (maybe a mana dork you don't want them to sacrifice, or a land), and you get to sacrifice one less permanent than they do (because you'll want to sacrifice their permanent). This will be extremely useful in limited, but *may* be too expensive and clunky for standard.