Dragon’s Maze – Spoiler Season (Part 6)

First, I'll start with something that was spoiled later yesterday - I wasn't even going to cover it at first, but I've since decided to: wakethereflections

Wake the Reflections

1 mana, sorcery, populate. Wow, that was quick. Unfortunately, like most of the other populate cards, Wake the Reflections doesn't have any extra bonus. Coursers' Accord  and Eyes in the Skies atleast produce tokens before Populate, allowing you to copy the tokens. Unfortunately, this card has a pretty potential downside (no targets), so won't be a high pick in limited (and won't see play in constructed).







And these are a few that spoiled this morning - the ones I'm not going to talk about are a few uninteresting split cards (they're good, but nothing special considering the other split cards that have already been spoiled).


Reap Intellect

At a first read, this seems almost just like Slaughter Games, and will likely take a similar position in standard (that Esper control decks can now sideboard in). Although missing the "Cannot be countered by spells or abilities" text of Slaughter Games, this card is quite a bit more flexible as you don't have to name the card(s) until you see your opponents hand, AND you can choose/pay for more than one card. Because you don't have to name a card, this could actually see some play in limited, and will definitely see play (maybe sideboard) in constructed.





Pyrewild Shaman

3/1 for 3 mana? Meh. 2 mana to Bloodrush for +3/+1? Meh. Slaughterhorn is better in that regards. However, this Goblin's last paragraph is what makes this card remotely playable - recursion which constantly allows you to bring him back to your hand (probably for more Bloodrush action). If Ghor-Clan Rampager had this ability, he'd be broken. Unfortunately, because the Bloodrush is a *tad* weak, this likely won't see standard/constructed play - but he'll be pretty badass in limited.








The name alone reminds me of Cloudshift - but luckily,this card is better and may even see standard play (making your Augur of Bolas able to flash-block a Restoration Angel, profitably). But, even if it doesn't, this has the potential to win some limited games, for sure. The Overload cost is a bit high at 7, but having a team of 3+ flying 4/4 dragons isn't anything to scoff at (even if it's only for a turn).