M14 - Spoiler Season (Part 1)


We've just finished the spoiler, pre-release, and release season of Dragon's Maze, and are launching right into more spoilers of M14 (as its launch is right around the corner. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights of M14 cards spoiled so far:  

Staff of the Mind Magus

M14 includes a cycle of artifacts very similar to those from M12 like Demon's Horn, that allowed you to gain life when a certain colored spell was cast - only this time, it basically includes landfall-based lifegain for lands of that color. Interesting, and *may* go well in slower limited decks.


Ring of Three Wishes

I don't have a vast memory of Magic cards (having came back to the game after a 10-year hiatus to M12 and Innistrad-block), but I can't think of another artifact that allows tutoring. Given the cost (requiring 10 colorless mana if you want to both cast and activate on the same turn), I think that only fringe decks will want this (ala Travis Woo) - but it'll be fun to play with, at the very least.


Scavenging Ooze

Scavenging Ooze is back (reprinted)! Definitely a blow to reanimator decks, I can see this getting played quite a bit in standard, for sure.


Vastwood Hydra

Yet another hydra, but this time with an effect that helps keep you going even after it dies. Not sure if this is strong enough for constructed play, but like the other hydras, will be fun as hell to play in limited.


Chandra's Phoenix

Chandra's Phoenix is back!!! Red deck wins has changed quite a bit over the years, and it may be back in a big way given this reprint. BUT, a lot of that depends on what burn spells are printed in M14 (we haven't seen any yet). Lightning Bolt? I doubt it.


Archangel of Thune

Interesting that they gave this angel the same power/toughness as Restoration Angel, but with abilities that make it splashy and quite powerful. This has the potential to see quite a bit of constructed play.


Awaken the Ancient

For 4 mana, turn one of your mountains into a 7/7 creature with haste. Permanently. It can still tap for mana. I have a feeling this *could* see play in Red Deck Wins, and will definitely be fun to play with in limited. Plus, it's far easier to play mono-colored decks in core sets (when compared to block sets).


Shadowborn Apostle

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not familiar with every Magic: the Gathering card ever printed - but I'm fairly certain that this is only the second time the words "A deck can have any number of cards named..." have been put on one. That said, this card doesn't quite make a deck with only this card playable, unlike Relentless Rats. This card is designed to allow you to tutor up a Demon creature and put it on the battlefield - Griselbrand being one of the best targets. I can definitely see "Johnny" players already building decklists around that interaction, but I feel that this card might be a little more underwhelming once Innistrad-block (and Griselbrand) rotate out of standard.


Shadowborn Demon

This card was obviously designed to pair well with Shadowborn Apostle. Could this see play in constructed? I'm not quite sure, but I don't think it's powerful enough. This will be an absolute limited bomb - even if you have to lose some creatures first, to make it stick.


Savage Summoning

Yet another "can't be countered" card - but this time, allowing the same line of text for another card! Unfortunately, this card doesn't cantrip (allowing you to replace it by drawing a card), but the ability is splashy and quite affective against control decks. Could it see play in constructed? I think so, but just as a sideboard card at most.


Glimpse the Future

I get it. Wizards doesn't want us to have Ponder back. And while this is *close*, it definitely doesn't have the same flare and implications that other spells did back when M12 was around (and Delver was more of a thing in standard). Also, with Innistrad-block rotating out later this year, the graveyard effect of this card won't be relevant unless reanimator sticks around OR a graveyard-based mechanic comes out in M14 or Theros. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Devout Invocation

This card is splashy and interesting, I love it! While it *may* be a bit over-costed for standard, it's a complete bomb in limited. I can't wait to try it out.


Ajani's Chosen

This is a great build-around card for both limited and constructed - it *may* be what decks like Bant Hexproof need to survive post-rotation. Should be fun.


Primeval Bounty

More creature-heavy control decks like Bant Control would love this card. This will also be a good bomb in limited, especially if the game goes long (the effects would allow locked board states to swing in your favor, albeit slowly).


Goblin Diplomats

While these goblins don't have Haste, they have an effect that forces your opponents creatures to attack into your board, hopefully unprofitably. This could definitely see play in all formats - though I'm a little less "up-to speed" with Legacy and Modern (I'm learning, however).



Slivers are back. I played when they were around the last time (Tempest, I think?) - but I had a far less mature understanding of the game. Hell, I didn't even know there was a second main phase. That said, there seems to be a lot of chatter on the Interwebz about the change in how Slivers affect the board - before, you would see "Slivers get +1/+1", now it's "Slivers you control get +1/+1." I *think* that Magic has evolved over time to try and entice (and not confuse) new players, and this seems to be a direct result. Are slivers good enough to see play in standard? I'm not 100% sold, at least given the ones spoiled so far. Are they good? Yes. Are they great? Not thus far. But, they will definitely fill limited decks, and will be a blast to attack with.

This has been just part 1 of my M14 spoiler articles - I'll be updating regularly as new cards are spoiled. Thanks for reading.

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