"Evolution vs. God" Minute-by-Minute Notes/Objections

“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence.” – Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Minutes ~3 - 5: Keeps asking for “observable evidence”, but he is equating that with something you can witness in the present tense. Most evidence is not of this kind, though we can indirectly observe many things, such as the fossil record. Playing with words while asking for something that is, by definition, impossible to prove on the timescale he is asking for.

Minute ~7:30: “Change of kind”. Uses a nebulous term, undefined, to try and prove Darwinian evolution does not occur. Acts as if speciation is not valid, as there is not a universally accepted, exact definition for species. “They’re still finches.”

Minute ~8:30: “Is evolution a belief.”

Minute ~9:30 - 11: Says that adaption is not Darwinian evolution.

Minute ~12:00: “Give me something I can test”, as if present tense experimentation or observation is the only one that counts.

Continually uses people’s inability to answer an unanswerable question as a way to undermine the position.

Minute 12:40: “Something that doesn’t require us to exercise faith.” Is equating religious faith and the type of faith we put in everyday things.

Darwinian evolution isn’t scientific because it isn’t observable.

Minute 14: “Could you make a rose from nothing?” People can’t make something from nothing, so everything must be intelligently designed.

Minute 18: Acts as if some people’s inability to name a famous atheist somehow proves the position is wrong, or that the misattribution of some people as atheists undermines the belief system. Truth is not a democracy, and it does not matter if anyone believes it in order to be true.

Minute 20: Hemingway committed suicide, so atheists are wrong?

…Moves on to morality…

Minute 23: Would you save your dog or your neighbor? Acts as if choosing life or death is merely survival of the fittest. Is trying to smear atheists by posing questions that could lead to unflattering but truthful answers.

Minute 25: Is getting people to admit to lying and theft in order to attack their character, even though most everyone would have to admit to both “sins”.

Minute 26: If people are sinful (based on their previous admissions) and God is a judge, then he must judge us for our sins.

Minute 27: Creation is proof of the creator. You are an atheist because it allows you to get rid of moral accountability. WTF?

Minutes 31 - 32: Pascal’s wager. Could you be wrong? Equates knowing one’s wife with knowing God.

Ends with a montage of articles and claims that sound ridiculous (“When whales walked the earth”) when juxtaposed with previous claims made by people who were interviewed during the video.