Atheism - Episode 3 "All Hail Skellington"

We discuss, once again, the definition of being an atheist - and how we can idolize something like a Jack Skellington bobble-head figure, but not believe that he’s an omniscient deity. We talk about our new segment, “Ongoing Segment on Social Media” (name subject to change), and our Twitter handles - just remember, Michael’s name is spelt A-U-N-E. A common misconception found in social media: atheists are satan worshippers. Atheists, by definition, don’t believe in Satan - so this isn’t true. Also, we think Satan would be more interested in brimstone and hellfire, than numbers like 666. Discussions of religion and politics have been quite active on Reddit lately, especially on the topics of abortion and rape.

Michael’s article on David Barton is highly recommended (for you to read). We think it’s funny that some republicans have recently been talking about rape in the public sphere - marking it as a “gift from god” and so forth. This brings us to the fact that MOST religions believe this to be true, but it’s different to hear something so abhorrent said aloud. Whereas most would say this is a test from god (to fight your instincts in some cases - “God knows what’s best”), we say listening to your gut feeling is where the beginning of morality starts (from within).

Briefly, we discuss how the word atheist gets thrown around. For example, if someone doesn’t celebrate Halloween, a common term heard would be “Halloween-atheist.” We actually like most holidays, so we’re not “Halloween-atheists.” Long-term, we want this podcast to start discussions, and keep the debate going among everyone. Atheist is a very narrow term, that only describes our lack of belief in any gods - anything after that (democratic, republican, liberal, socialist, humanist) is extra information. We use the term to start discussion, and show that we’re opposed to religion, especially when it interferes with politics and our private lives.

Steven Akins made us a new poster (seen in the background of this episode). Talking about new topics, like “Interview With a Theist.”