Rational Discourse Weekly - Episode 4 "There is no Spoon"

We finally came up with a name! "Rational Discourse Weekly" will replace the old naming convention of "Atheism (working title)" for this podcast.

This week, we talk about religion in politics, and how Romney should have to answer to questions of racism in the church of Mormonism. We also mention that "muslim atheist" isn't a proper description for anyone - they're mutually exclusive. Also, theocracies are a VERY bad thing. We then talk about how awesome it would be if "The Matrix" were real, and it's technically possible (although highly unlikely). William talks about Penn Jillette, and his book, "God, No!" Lastly, we mention that we have a new camera, and are looking forward to ongoing improvements on all fronts!

Penn Jillette's book, "God, No!" on iTunes or Amazon (or in your local bookstore, depending on your preference).

Rational Discourse Weekly Episode 4 - "There is no Spoon" Hosts: William Garrison and Michael Aune Film Date: Monday, November 5th, 2012