Atheism With a Dash of Procrastination

So, this blurb is a bit overdue from me, given that Steven and Michael had already done their introductions for the site. But, better late than never! Being that I was raised a Christian (protestant), becoming an Atheist was quite an eye-opening process. Both Michael and Steven played their roles - Michael told me what atheism was at a young age (7th-8th grade), and Steven supported my skeptical tendencies throughout many of our conversations (despite him being a Christian as well, at the time).For most of my childhood and early teens, I considered myself an Agnostic, but lacking the proper information to understand and accept Atheism. This type of apathetic view grew old - I had procrastinated long enough, when it came to deciding what I *actually* believed in. From there, I was only a few days of research and debate away from admitting to myself that the existence of a deity however comforting, wasn't likely true, and not something I honestly believed in. To me, the only "evidence" for any god were the man-written holy books. And considering how unbelievable the stories held within them were (and how those stories didn't line up with reality and history), I failed to see them as the true depictions of mans origin as they claimed to be. Thanks to my friends and self-reflection, I became an Atheist.

The type of thought-procrastination seems to plague the growth of Atheism in the United States, and is one of the many reasons we wanted to start this website and podcasts like "Rational Discourse Weekly." We had decided to stop pretending that the absolute truths of science and ancient mythologies known as religion would be universally accepted and cease to exist, respectively. I personally believe that mankind can see past the ways of our ancestors, and mark religion as nothing more than how man explained the unknown in the days of old. I also believe that there is NO god.


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