Abortion: A Case Study in Perspective

If you're expecting me to rant about what I think we should do about the "Abortion Situation" in this country or on this planet, you probably think I'm a lot braver than I am. I'm a little hesitant to throw out a hot button issue that impacts so many people, but it's an excellent example of how a little bit of perspective can de-foam the mouths of the world.

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Let's Talk About Language

I hate having to preface my thoughts like this, but I want to be clear: I freaking love free speech. I feel privileged to live in a country where it's guaranteed as there are actually few of those in this world. I like to trot out the "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it" mantra as much as anyone else. What I want to suggest is not limiting someone else's speech, but analyzing the thoughts exiting your facehole before you put them in someone else's head.

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Atheism With a Dash of Empathy

I'm going to rock the [37G] boat a bit here: I'm not here to end your religion. I was raised as a 7 Day Creationist, and generally believed in the Protestant narrative until college. These days if you ask me, I'll tell you I'm an Atheist, but I've begun to identify more and more as a Humanist (the capital H is a shortcut for secular humanism, which is typically Atheist or Agnostic). Ideally, I prefer to identify as "Steven" or "that sexy man with a beard", but we all end up with labels.

So, what's with the Humanism distinction?

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